Are You A Native…of The Digital Age? Marketing To Natives

The Millennials are ahead of the curve by almost any digital metric: online video viewing, mobile internet usage, mobile commerce, and location-based services like Foursquare. Also known as Generation Y and echo-boomers, the internet is a vital part of this groups media habits.

Small business owners who continue to market to consumers using “old-school” marketing and advertising methods will suffer the most if they don’t learn how to capture the attention of these internet “natives.” This group is quite internet savvy and they are definitely most influenced by peer recommendations found on sites like Facebook over a pushy “in-your-face-print-ad” of some sort with the basic message, “buy my stuff!” just published one of the most eye-opening studies titled, The Digital World of Millennials. If your business provides products or services to this generation aged 18-34, you cannot afford to miss the results of this study.

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