Are You A Native…of The Digital Age? Marketing To Natives

The Millennials are ahead of the curve by almost any digital metric: online video viewing, mobile internet usage, mobile commerce, and location-based services like Foursquare. Also known as Generation Y and echo-boomers, the internet is a vital part of this groups media habits. Small business owners who continue to market to consumers using “old-school” marketing […]

A New Facebook Privacy Setting

A new Facebook privacy setting called “Instant Personalization” has been rolled out. In other words, Facebook will be sharing your personal information with external websites under the auspices of an enhanced user experience. What’s worse is this new setting is rolled out as “Enabled” automatically. If that works for you, then no need to change […]

Mobile Marketing For Small Businesses

Is mobile marketing right for your small business? With millions of mobile phones in use around the world, the potential to communicate with current and future clients is limitless. Small business owners can use both SMS (short text messaging) and MMS (multi-media text messaging), which can add video and audio files to messages sent to […]