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We leverage a full spectrum of  local internet marketing strategies that can boost local business quickly and increase profitability for your small business.

Local Map Listing Optimization

Claim your business listing on Google+ Local, Bing Local and Yahoo local. Verify that your location information is targeted to relevant regions. Ensure the correct categories have been selected and that photos and videos have been uploaded and tagged. Correctly optimized “citations” will improve your search engine rankings and drive more customers to your business.

Local Directory Submission

By submitting your company’s location, hours of operation, contact information, products and services to online local business directories, you will build your online presence and generate more “citations,” (back links) to your website.  Increase your business visibility with a comprehensive, local directory submission strategy.

Email Marketing

Marketing your products and services via personalized email messages.  After collecting emails from your website, you can send messages regarding special offers and upcoming events.  You can also answer product related questions and even generate polls to find out if you customers are pleased with your products or services.  Build a stronger relationship with your customers by utilizing an email marketing campaign.

Article Marketing

Distribution of keyword focused articles related to your business that will promote your website. By creating and submitting high quality articles around the internet, you’ll establish more credibility, attract more visitors and create more back links to your site. Provide value, increase traffic and visibility with an effective article marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Promote and brand your business through participation in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. SMM is a powerful strategy that allows you to connect and engage with current and future customers, develop your online presence, increase visibility, drive more traffic and increase profits. In today’s economy, a custom tailored social media marketing plan is crucial for the success of your business.

Video Marketing

Produce and distribute marketing and informational videos about your business, products or services. Syndicating and distributing relevant, properly optimized videos to sites such as YouTube allows you to engage your customers, generate traffic, create leads and build relationships with your customers. Stay ahead of the competition by including online video marketing in your internet marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is growing at an unbelievable rate. Stay in touch with your customers and clients via text messaging campaigns offering anything from quick tips, valuable resources, coupons and other creative offerings to drum up even more business. Market directly to your customers via Smart phones and location based networks. Connect and interact with your customers based on their physical location by allowing “check-ins,” offering coupons and special promotions. Drive more foot traffic and profits by implementing location based marketing into your local internet marketing plan.

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Press Releases

An effective press release can provide your business with an incredible amount of exposure in a very short period of time. Using “keyword optimized” very well written press releases to promote your business can generate a lot of new business fast.  Press releases are one of the the most underutilized strategies of internet marketing that can become your secret weapon to crush your competition.

Online Reputation Management

Proactive monitoring of user generated content (UGC), addressing occurrences of negative information regarding your company, its products or services. Negative opinions and poor reviews spread fast and can have a devastating impact on your business.  Maintain a positive reputation, consumer trust and revenue growth with a custom tailored, online reputation management strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Using On-Page and Off-Page SEO techniques to improve your websites “organic” rankings. Correctly optimized pages and relevant content combined with a high number of inbound links account for higher positions on the search engine results pages (SERP’s).  A top position will drive free traffic, increase visibility and ROI. Our team of search engine specialists will ensure your site is accessible to all search engines.

Link Building

Search engines rank individual webpages and determine authority via several complex algorithms such as calculating the number of inbound links to a specific webpage. Increase the number of backlinks to those webpages on your website to secure a top position on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). Rank higher, drive traffic and more customers to your website with a link building strategy.

Paid Search Marketing & Management

Your paid search (aka PPC, pay per click and sponsored ads) accounts such as Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Facebook Ads all require proper management. If  keyword research, compelling ad copy, landing page optimization, quality scores, split testing and performance metrics are not properly executed and managed, paid search marketing can become very ineffective and costly. Leveraging an experienced PPC management team will keep your ad spend down and your return on investment up.

Website Design, Development, Evaluation

If you currently don’t have a website for your business, we can work with you in designing an attractive direct response website that is effective at converting visitors into business. If you have a website, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of your website and tell you how to improve it. We can even work with small businesses that don’t have a website and don’t want one!

Copywriting, Content Creation

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, the quality of your copywriting and any content you use represents your organization. We can create content for any digital assets you leverage such as blogs, websites, sales pages as well as all your company collateral. If you have already created content, we’re delighted to provide our expert marketing advice and any editing that may be recommended. Finally, if your intention is to optimize your web pages for the search engines, SEO Copywritng plays a critical role in achieving higher rankings. We of course do provide SEO rich copy for all your digital assets (e.g. articles, press releases, video, website content etc.).

Website Analytics

Tracking, collecting, analyzing and reporting of visitor data. Gain insights to better understand and optimize your website traffic and marketing efforts. Write better ad copy, improve website performance, identify trends and revenue sources. Evaluating website analytics can be overwhelming for a business owner. Hiring an internet marketing company can help you with analyzing and improving your marketing initiatives.

To get more qualified leads and customers for your business, contact us today for a free consultation and free assessment of your website.