Increase Online Visibility To Boost Local Business

Are You Leveraging The Power of The Internet To Boost Local Business?

Is advertising in your local yellow pages dead? Well, not entirely but it’s getting there quickly. Here’s a more important question to ask, as it relates to the profitability and continued growth of your business, – Is advertising in the local yellow pages as effective as it used to be? Or how about, What’s my ROI (return on investment) for advertising in the yellow pages?

Local Search Marketing To Leverage The Internet

Local Search Marketing To Leverage The Internet

Recent data tells us that 72% of local consumers go online and search the internet to find local businesses and professional services then do their shopping offline. It’s a known fact that consumers looking for a local business will go online and gather basic information such as a phone number or business address, then make their purchase offline at the local business. No matter how much people continue spending online, there will always be products and services consumers will need offline. I haven’t met anybody yet who’s successfully had their teeth cleaned using the internet. However, I know dozens of people who turn to the internet looking for a local dentist. If you’re that dentist and you’re no where to be found, game over…you lose!

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Can Your Customers Find You Online?

If you’re not already showing up on page one of Google for your business category, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity.  Local consumers are online daily looking for your products and services and if you’re easily found online, you’re the one they call! Imagine being able to finally capture all that new found business waiting for you right there in your own backyard.

By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Ok, I get it, I need to be easily found on the internet, but isn’t that sort of thing expensive?” The answer to that is it depends on what you want to accomplish with your business. A simple evaluation of your current website and marketing strategy can provide many answers to the questions you may ask. When we look at what our clients are currently spending on advertising and marketing and we’re able to confirm the ROI is not worthwhile, we recommend our clients redirect a portion of their budget towards internet marketing. If it’s done that way for example, the investment is completely transparent.

There are many different methods of getting exposure on the internet so local consumers can easily find you. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as we can serve up so that you’re at the very least completely aware of what you can do to boost local business fast if that’s your goal.

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